About us





TRANSMED-A Ltd is a Bulgarian company specialized in ecological waste management. 


With long traditions in waste disposal and deep understanding of the importance ofgreener and environmentally friendly way of life we seek to respond appropriately to our customersexpectations and to offer them the most economically and environmentally effective solution in regards to the field of waste disposal and scrap materials.


We are working on a flexible schedule, corresponding to the current trends in sustainable economic development and wise use of natural resources. We offer long-term contracts and short-term commitments, as well. Our main activities also include preparing and implementing conceptual programs for separate disposal and recycling. 


Our main priority is the fast and accurate completion of our orders, as well as offering honesty, security and optimum quality in the implementation of waste collection and disposal services at competitive prices. Our ultimate goal is achieving complete satisfaction of our customers in an environmentally friendly way – a guarantee for a greener world in a happier tomorrow.